Narwhal scarf

I love custom work. When someone told me they wanted a narwhal, I give them what they want!


narwhal scraps


the horn

Sometimes I love it when I can find the right material for the job. It looks like a spiral horn!


totally stuffing.


final narwhal. woot

All done. Enjoy! Yeah, I don’t use patterns.

Vacuum tubes

Renegade Craft Faire is around the corner and I’ve spent all weekend working on stuff. I’ll have these vacuum tubes I doodled on, paper cutouts, sculpted little guys and other stuff. Here are a few things you’ll see at the faire. I hope I’ll catch you there!

Where: Fort Mason – 11am-7pm

When: Saturday, July 31st + Sunday, August 1st

D is for Dragonfish.

This little badboy is shy and prefers to live in the depths of 1500 meters. Not only is it really creepy and cool-looking, it also has glowing capabilities! Since most of its neighborly fish cannot detect the wavelength of these lights, it gives the Dragonfish great advantage to EAT THEM!

Dragonfish – *shines light* “O. Hai, neighbor! Check out my light. It’s pretty fantastical.”

Little fish – “Say… that’s rather mesmerizing, indeed. I… can’t… stop… staring… oooh, pretty lights…”

Dragonfish – *OHMPH* *gulp* “Delicious.”

C is for Coral Crab

Coral crabs are normally found in… you guessed it, coral! They have a symbiotic relationship with coral – the coral let them reside within their reefy goodness, while the crabs pick and clean the coral, also throwing away stuff that doesn’t belong. I can imagine the conversation that goes on between them.

Coral – “Hey man, you’re steppin on me super-hard with those pointy toes of yours. Watch where you’re going or you can’t live here anymore.”

Crab – “I’m also keeping you alive by cleaning and eating all the crap you have in the nooks and crannies. Whatchoo complaining about? Besides, I’m only like… a cm long, so how heavy can my foot be?”

Coral – “Tru dat. Clean away, my friend.”

B is for Butterfly Fish

The Long-nosed Butterfly fish is found pretty much everywhere. It can be found from the Red Sea and East Africa to the Hawaiian and Easter islands, northern to southern Japan, south to Lord Howe Island and throughout Micronesia. Then it can also be found in southern Baja California, Mexico and from the Revillagigedo and Galapagos Islands. It loves to munch on clams and other delicious things it can stick its nose into.

A is for Arabian Angelfish

I’m doing a series of drawings with underwater creatures and A is for Arabian Angelfish. The Arabian Angelfish is found mainly on protected shoreline reefs with rich growth of hard and soft corals in waters from 3-15 meters deep. It can be found in the Western Indian Ocean from the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, south to Zanzibar and loves to eat sponges. Delicious.

I’m half machine!!!

Quote from Arrested Development… oh my favorite show. Anyway, I’ve been working every night until 1am, so I haven’t had time to blog.  I’ve sculpted and painted 80 little figures. I’m leaving 20 blank for those of you that love to custom your own little creatures. You’ll see these little guys at the show! Here’s my little army:

Also, I’m creating the optional cupcakes that these little guys will be housed. Pictures to come possibly in a very late night post.

Still painting…

After all of today, I’ve only painted about 40 and finished sculpting the 40. All in all, a good day. I’m going to paint until I pass out on a painted figure, drooling. I leave you with progress…

Sea Party!

So I’ve started creating these lovely sculpted creatures with intent on painting them. There’s a few painted ones below and I’m still in the process of painting. The plan is to sculpt a whole bunch of weird creatures, and paint the best expressions you’ve ever seen on kitty-costumed cephalopods! 

a jellyfish, perhaps?

a painted octopus ninja. can’t you see him hiding inside a cupcake of felt? Yeah… you can.

ohes noes! exposed!

a giver of love.


Alice in Wonderland

So I’ve started a series of Alice in Wonderland with deep sea creatures. I’m hoping that they’ll be interesting enough to use for something, but who knows. Maybe I should read the book to get a better feeling of what I need to envision.


Inked version – will be colored soon.

Please do not use any of my drawings without crediting me. Thank you.