bazaar bizarre!

This weekend, you can check me out in booth 49 at Bazaar Bizarre! What will you see? Dead animal scarves, ornaments, little creatures… all sorts of stuff for you to look at. If you’d like to catch up with what I’m doing, just like me on Facebook. Or find mrdeadfish on Instagram.  I’m updating with pictures every day. Hope to see you there!

Bazaar Bizarre

The day has finally come! Here are the last few of the scarves you should expect to see (without the money in the pockets):

Scarves galore!

Seriously. I have sweaters all over the bed, all over the floor and so much wool lint that it would make any wool felter jealous. I could probably create a full sized capybara with this ridiculous amount of lint. Anyway, it’s at a point that I’m drinking so much caffeine to catch up with scarf-making that I completely passed out on the bed as I was crafting. Where’s Amy?

In all seriousness, though, the scarves are for Bazaar Bizarre, a craft show at Fort Mason Herbst Pavillion. Clicky on picture for more info.

What can you expect to see from me? Well, the scarves are all 100% upcycled sweaters and I’ve only used the softest, most luxurious sweaters I could find. Since each scarf is made from a different sweater, every scarf is one of a kind. You’ll never have to worry about someone walking in the room wearing the same thing as you! Feel great that you’re keeping warm, being green and you also don’t have to worry about getting red paint splashed all over you, since you’re not wearing a real dead animal on your shoulders. I will also be taking custom orders (to fill before Christmas) to the first fifteen people and anybody who would like to donate their old sweaters will get five dollars off each scarf purchase.

These are just a few animals that you’ll see at the show. Unfortunately, some of these have been sold, but there will be plenty of others for you to choose from! Please email me if you have any questions. I’m in booth #38 and I hope to see some of you there!

My Trick Pony was a BLAST!

Oh my gosh it was probably the most awesome show I’ve ever had… granted it was the only show I’ve ever had, but I couldn’t have asked for it any other way. Matteo is awesome! Seriously, he’s amazing. You should go to the store and get t-shirts made by him. I mean, you can find any image or any graphic and have it printed on a shirt, anywhere you want and he’ll give you great suggestions on color and everything. Anyway, here’s a few pictures from the show:

Aren’t you sad you missed it? I think I sold 18 shirts that night! Apparently it’s been the most in 3 years!

11 of 17 designs.

So here are 11 of the 17 designs that will be printed on t-shirts. You can choose what style shirt you want and the talented Matteo (from My Trick Pony) will make it right then and there on the fly! Details are attached in the flier below. I hope to see you there!