about me

mr.deadfish has a fun variety of products ranging from axe-wielding three legged kitties to blank-staring underwater creatures eating lots of candy. mr.deadfish welcomes the disturbed, cute, awkward and everything else between.

How did mr.deadfish come to be? Well, funny that you ask! It actually all started in 2002 when I used to work doing photo development. Well, sometimes the machines would spit out these random glossy “pictures” that were simply blank. In a very sick, feverish state, I was drawing a bunch of dead animals with little captions on it. mr. deadfish was a very crude, generic fish with the caption, “I am mr. deadfish. I smell bad.” I later on turned it into a t-shirt and a few revamps later, I came up with a new design. mr.deadfish is actually a female angler fish with a very blank stare. She’s named as such because, well, if you know deep sea anglers, you’d know the fun fact that the males are simply parasitic sperm sacs. The male eats and spends most of his time searching for a female and once found, he fuses his lips onto her and, essentially becomes a sperm sac. All his nutrients depend on her and, really, he’s pretty much dead. Yes, that long explanation for one little logo, but you get it.

Anywhoo, I hope you enjoy my stuff and remember, I do custom designs of anything you can possibly imagine. Stuffed toys, puppets, figurines, jewelry… you name it, I can do it. If it’s a challenge, I’ll take it. You’ve probably seen me on the TLC show, Craft Wars!

3 thoughts on “about me

  1. Love your cephalopods. Scuba dive little cayman regularly and they are among my fav critters. I have great photos, not like publishable, but helpful to artists if you would like to see them. Here are a few including some octopi and a squidly friend. (By the way, we have flying guanards, too. I have some wonderful shots I snapped snorkeling with one but it’s not loaded onto my picassa site. http://picasaweb.google.com/noblejoanie/OctopiAndFriends02#

    • Hi Joan,

      Thank you so much for the pretty pictures. If I use any of these for my doodles, I’ll definitely credit you. I love underwater creatures, but I’m too chicken to go scuba diving myself. I went snorkeling once and saw a parrotfish and it freaked me out so much (because of the size) I had to swim to shallower shores! That’s also when I slipped on a slimey rock and fell into a bed of sea urchin. *sigh*


  2. hey amy… love your work at ZD. I’m looking for a camera to do some webinars myself. any thoughts on a decent one that’s not too expensive? (under $300?) would love to hear your thoughts.

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