Wix Lounge SF

I’ll have my scarves for sale at Wix Lounge in San Francisco’s Mission district on December 10th from 11am – 5pm. I’m going to have the scarves, a few ornaments and even a few cards and paper goods. I hope to see you there!

Some ornaments you’ll see at the show!

Valentine’s Day Cards

So I’ve decided to have a few Valentine’s day themed cards in the morbid way that I do them, of course. You can buy them on Etsy.

Sorry about the large watermarks. I just pulled them from the Etsy site I put them on and I’m too lazy to remove them right now.


And good night, world.

Holiday cards!

I was commissioned to make a few holiday cards from a friend of mine. I was doing these weird cutouts with an x-acto and I was inspired from a website… anyway, I carved these from a blank card and pasted a color background to make these cards pop.

kid in a reindeer suit

happy monster for present

fire log

pirate ninja siamese snowmen in battle!

goldfish sucking a candy cane

They’re on 5"x8" cards with blank envelopes. Enjoy!