come by saturday and sunday!

Holy bannas! Look at all these scarves you can get at the show! Swing on by because I’d love to see you! Seriously, say hello. I promise I’m not completely unfriendly. Unless I’m eating, then don’t come between me and my foodstuffs. Srsly.

narwhal dead animal scarf

Narwhal, narwhal, swimming in the ocean because they are so awesome…

hippo dead animal scarf

Hungry, hungry hippo.

fox dead animal scarf

Heyyyy foxy ladyyyy.

snakes dead animal scarf

Tongue tied.

alligator dead animal scarf

bunny dead animal scarf

deer dead animal scarf

elephant dead animal scarf

Win a custom mr.deadfish scarf.

How do you enter to win? Here are a few steps to get you closer to custom scarf. Remember, all scarves are made from upcycled materials, so you can feel good about being green!

Step one: Like mr.deadfish on Twitter or Facebook

Step two: Get a friend to like mr.deadfish. 

Step three: Retweet this post (or send me a screenshot that you’ve put it on your Fb).

Step four: Leave a comment with your handle + your friend’s handle (don’t worry, all comments are private until I approve them) + the specifications of whatever scarf you’d like. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving a comment, send me an email.

I will be drawing a name on August 1st, and the more followers you get, the more entries you have to win! Just let me know which friends are following me. Thanks for playing and good luck.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everybody! To start the new year right, I’ve decided to take $25 off custom scarves until the end of January. That’s right! You can get your own custom scarf for only $75! What a great deal considering you’re

1. upcycling, which means you’re not using new materials and being overall wasteful towards the environment

2. adding a brand new item to your wardrobe

3. feeling pretty good that this is a vegan product and no animals were harmed in the making

4. keeping yourself warm

5. Is there really another reason you need to buy this? It’s $25 off!

So stop on by my Etsy shop and think about what animal you’d like and send me an email or message about your custom. Remember, this offer is only good if you have checked the blog or on Facebook. ❤

Baking and random ornaments

Hi friends. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I suppose it has. I really do wish I had a better way of uploading pictures. I do really enjoy taking them, but putting them up is such a chore! Let’s go over a few things I’ve recently done. I guess it must be the holiday season or something because oh boy I’ve been making ornaments like no other! I’m a big fan of the blanket stitching stuff or outward seams, so less talking and more pictures! Oh yeah, and that scarf was this custom scarf that someone ordered. She wanted a ferret face, body and upper legs, owl eyes and feet, turtle shell, narwhal fins and tail! *whew* That was definitely a challenge, but I love accepting challenges and interesting things to do.

Panda and Fox scarves

Okay, okay. I fell off the daily scarf bandwagon. I decided this year to actually have sort of a life. I know, it’s crazy. Here are some scarves for you!