My Little Pony part three of three! Yay!

I’ve finally completed the painting process of this little pony. Since I wasn’t able to put this little guy in the sci-fi show, it’ll be up for sale on my etsy site. If you feel you definitely need one, buy it. You’ll be the only one with this awesome piece. Now back to other custom work. Enjoy the pictures!

Alien My Little Pony

As a previous post mentioned, in 2006, I created an Alien My Little Pony that actually got its 15 minutes of fame on Wired Blog. I guess it’s as famous as I’m going to get. Anyway, I’m currently working on a part two of that. The first one, unfortunately, had his head broken off and a few teeth knocked out. Oops! Anyway, here’s a few pictures for you to enjoy for the time being, so you get a sense of what I’m working on. Total time spent so far? 5 hours. I think this will take under 6 hours from start to finish. It’s not so much the sculpting part that’s hard as much as it is the designing part. Predator My Little Pony will follow in a few days, perhaps.

Older stuff I’ve made.

A few things I’ve made in the past years that I’ll probably pick up making again… Let’s start from Pinhead my little pony. I made him because my friend said I dare you to try. What came of that dare? Check it out.



That little guy was sold on ebay in 2005, when I created it. Below, you’ll find one I made immediately after that. Mostly I do them on dares and stuff. Alien my little pony was even featured on the blog of Wired.


Near finish. Unfortunately, I can’t find a picture of the final product, so you’ll have to deal with this…