Alien My Little Pony

As a previous post mentioned, in 2006, I created an Alien My Little Pony that actually got its 15 minutes of fame on Wired Blog. I guess it’s as famous as I’m going to get. Anyway, I’m currently working on a part two of that. The first one, unfortunately, had his head broken off and a few teeth knocked out. Oops! Anyway, here’s a few pictures for you to enjoy for the time being, so you get a sense of what I’m working on. Total time spent so far? 5 hours. I think this will take under 6 hours from start to finish. It’s not so much the sculpting part that’s hard as much as it is the designing part. Predator My Little Pony will follow in a few days, perhaps.

Older stuff I’ve made.

A few things I’ve made in the past years that I’ll probably pick up making again… Let’s start from Pinhead my little pony. I made him because my friend said I dare you to try. What came of that dare? Check it out.



That little guy was sold on ebay in 2005, when I created it. Below, you’ll find one I made immediately after that. Mostly I do them on dares and stuff. Alien my little pony was even featured on the blog of Wired.


Near finish. Unfortunately, I can’t find a picture of the final product, so you’ll have to deal with this…