My Trick Pony was a BLAST!

Oh my gosh it was probably the most awesome show I’ve ever had… granted it was the only show I’ve ever had, but I couldn’t have asked for it any other way. Matteo is awesome! Seriously, he’s amazing. You should go to the store and get t-shirts made by him. I mean, you can find any image or any graphic and have it printed on a shirt, anywhere you want and he’ll give you great suggestions on color and everything. Anyway, here’s a few pictures from the show:

Aren’t you sad you missed it? I think I sold 18 shirts that night! Apparently it’s been the most in 3 years!

11 of 17 designs.

So here are 11 of the 17 designs that will be printed on t-shirts. You can choose what style shirt you want and the talented Matteo (from My Trick Pony) will make it right then and there on the fly! Details are attached in the flier below. I hope to see you there!

Little one, what will be your new form?

I found these really awesome vacuum tubes and the first thing I thought was… JELLYFISH! That’s right, these bad boys are gonna be in my window display in May at My Trick Pony. Everyone is welcome to come to the party. Yes, even you. You! How will these turn out? I guess you’ll just have to go to the show. Details closer to the date.

And some baby birds I got a picture of at the Academy of Sciences.

They’re hiding, new and boy are they hungry!

Slow on the ball…

I’ve been pretty swamped with everything. Allergies have gotten me down and super-slow. I went to Urban Ore, where I got some super awesome vacuum tubes that I’m going to convert into jellyfish. I saw them and I was like… wow, what am I going to do with those? I must do something with them! Then… a sea of jellyfish came to mind in a sort of steam-punk kind of way. We’re going to use bike gears, these little tube guys, cardboard and all sorts of random stuff. You’re really going to have to come to check it out.

Honestly, I’d love to see you there! It’s for the My Trick Pony show on May 1st. I’ve been so behind with everything that I just feel extremely overwhelmed. Alien my little pony is finally complete and pictures will come tomorrow. So many mini-projects that it makes me completely insane! Ahhh! (I guess that’s what makes me so charming.)

My Trick Pony… part two!

I’m really excited to announce that I’ll have a total of 17 different graphic designs for t-shirt printing goodness. Among those, you’ll see my sweet cephalopod series, my kitty-loving octopi and my new squitten design! Not only will I have these t-shirts for sale, but I’ll have framed original drawings, unique puppets, stuffed animals and other wonderful things created by me. Also, it’ll give you more of a range of what I can do if you want to have custom anything. If you haven’t seen my stop-motion animation “Broken” you’ll have a chance to watch it, since it’ll play over a projector all night.

If none of these things interests you, can I entice you with free booze and snacks? Not only do I love drawing, sculpting, sewing and painting, but I LOVE cooking and baking. You’ll find a few of my favorite cake recipes, cookies, hors d’oeuvres and just general snackies. Here’s a sample of a few designs you’ll find at my show (and snack treats).