I never use a pattern for any of my items, but I normally make scarves. This year, I’m hoping to make more random creatures and animals. Let’s start this one off by creating a cicada! I know these beasts must be super annoying for those who live in the areas of the 17 year cicada, but mine comes from royalty. He’s made of upcycled cashmere, linen and all sorts of wonderful fabrics. Stay tuned to see his completed, transformed self!


Infusing vodka

We had a vodka infusing party where we brought vodkas that we infused for somewhere between a day and a week.


vodkas before they were strained.

Here they are before I strained them. 


How I strained the vodkas.

This was how I strained the stuff out of them. Coffee filter and a jar.


Here’s all the vodkas. From the back: chai tea bags and an apple, green tea leaves and ginger, rosemary lavender, cucumber celery and the lightest one is ginger. From my personal taste, I’d say my favorite was the chai tea and apple. Muddle some mint with the shot place a lemon slice in it, splash some tonic water and boom. You got yourself an amazing drink you made yourself.


Cheers! Try infusing vodkas today!

Wedding cake toppers

It’s wedding season and my friends think of me when they want wedding cake toppers. I created these little guys with the inspiration of final fantasy. My friends love final fantasy and wanted a Rinoa and Squall hybrid mixed with them. Here’s what I came up with.



And a few weeks ago, my friends wanted some owls for their toppers.


I love doing custom work.

Baking and random ornaments

Hi friends. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I suppose it has. I really do wish I had a better way of uploading pictures. I do really enjoy taking them, but putting them up is such a chore! Let’s go over a few things I’ve recently done. I guess it must be the holiday season or something because oh boy I’ve been making ornaments like no other! I’m a big fan of the blanket stitching stuff or outward seams, so less talking and more pictures! Oh yeah, and that scarf was this custom scarf that someone ordered. She wanted a ferret face, body and upper legs, owl eyes and feet, turtle shell, narwhal fins and tail! *whew* That was definitely a challenge, but I love accepting challenges and interesting things to do.