My Trick Pony… part two!

I’m really excited to announce that I’ll have a total of 17 different graphic designs for t-shirt printing goodness. Among those, you’ll see my sweet cephalopod series, my kitty-loving octopi and my new squitten design! Not only will I have these t-shirts for sale, but I’ll have framed original drawings, unique puppets, stuffed animals and other wonderful things created by me. Also, it’ll give you more of a range of what I can do if you want to have custom anything. If you haven’t seen my stop-motion animation “Broken” you’ll have a chance to watch it, since it’ll play over a projector all night.

If none of these things interests you, can I entice you with free booze and snacks? Not only do I love drawing, sculpting, sewing and painting, but I LOVE cooking and baking. You’ll find a few of my favorite cake recipes, cookies, hors d’oeuvres and just general snackies. Here’s a sample of a few designs you’ll find at my show (and snack treats).


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