So many drawings!

imageI love eating dessert excessively.imageAfter talking about a few creepy ghost stories that I’ve encountered, my friend thought it was interesting that shoes were a big part of each one. He said that in certain cultures, that would mean that the ghost was tying itself to you! How CREEPY!

imageI love to karaoke Journey songs. I always bring the house down with Separate Ways.imageGrand Budapest Hotel was an amazing movie. I just love the color scheme.imageHot dogs are my favorite part of a BBQ.imageIf there’s a burger menu in front of me and I see the ingredients “grilled onions, mushrooms, bleu cheese,” I pretty much have to order it.imageThe best thing about Twin Peaks girls night (other than the ladies) are the doughnuts.imageAfter eating a candied dehydrated orange slice at Amber with their cauliflower bezule dish, I decided to try making it myself. imageDrones are fun to play with! Inspire.imageMy friend seriously has a lion’s mane. It took her 4 hours to get touchups on her highlights and I’m pretty sure that if you braided her hair and cut it off, it could keep a ship docked. Seriously.imageIt turns out I’m really good at hammering chickens into pots! We ended up winning lots of toys this way.imageI loved the dead fish cart at the Bartolotta Wynn restaurant. Jay thought I would be embarrassed by it, but I asked to see it probably four times… then asked to get a picture taken with it.

imageSedona has javalina statues everywhere and a rock that looks like Snoopy!imageDriving around the Grand Canyon, we saw a herd of Elk. And on our drive to the Grand Canyon, I saw the cutest coyote face ever. It was all fluffy and squinty from the sun.imageOn our way into Zion, we saw a bunch of Big Horn Sheep. There was a mama with two 2 week old babies with her.imageI love jumping shots, but my favorite was jumping like we were being beamed up to space by spaceships all along the ET highway.imageWe saw a few goat films that I found pretty touching at the Grass Valley animal film festival.imageI also shouldn’t make the mistake of drinking Coke anytime after 3pm. I’m really not allowed to drink caffeine after noon, really. It really disrupts my sleeping. Sugar does, too! After a four hour “nap” from 10:30p-2:30a, I was up for 23 hours after.imageBecause chickens.imageI saw a baby goat trip over another baby goat, then it face planted into the ground. It got up super quickly and looked around as if nothing had happened.imageAnd sometimes you just need to draw flowers.