Still painting…

After all of today, I’ve only painted about 40 and finished sculpting the 40. All in all, a good day. I’m going to paint until I pass out on a painted figure, drooling. I leave you with progress…


Sea Party!

So I’ve started creating these lovely sculpted creatures with intent on painting them. There’s a few painted ones below and I’m still in the process of painting. The plan is to sculpt a whole bunch of weird creatures, and paint the best expressions you’ve ever seen on kitty-costumed cephalopods! 

a jellyfish, perhaps?

a painted octopus ninja. can’t you see him hiding inside a cupcake of felt? Yeah… you can.

ohes noes! exposed!

a giver of love.


Alice in Wonderland

So I’ve started a series of Alice in Wonderland with deep sea creatures. I’m hoping that they’ll be interesting enough to use for something, but who knows. Maybe I should read the book to get a better feeling of what I need to envision.


Inked version – will be colored soon.

Please do not use any of my drawings without crediting me. Thank you.