Custom Cuttlefish

I got commissioned to do a stuffed cuttlefish (among other commissions this month) and here are some pictures of the progress:

Custom nautilus

So this month must have been nautilus city. Maybe they’re gaining popularity? Maybe my awesome sewing skills make them more popular? Maybe people realize they must have a nautilus in their lives. Whatever the case, I made two this month. One was a pretty big one with ninety tentacles! Yes, count em, ninety. I was afraid that it wouldn’t look nice because it was completely overstuffed with tentacles. You’ll see the customs below.


Since I have a show coming up in May, I decided (of course) it must be nautically themed. I guess pretty much anything underwater would work for me.I started with this funny looking fish.

Finally, it’s complete!

I’ve been a little out of it lately, with looking for a job and whatnot. I finished the commission for the pigeon and cat hat. What he wanted was a hat for a cat with a unicorn horn on it. It was pretty hard to do because I don’t have any cats or anything to use for reference. I really hope it fits properly and that I can get some pictures for it. I’m going to have to give him instructions on how to cut out holes for the ears if the people want it to stick out. It’ll be great.


A closeup of the little pigeon.

A little side profile of the guy.

Whole pigeon with little tail feathers and everything! Orange feetsies!

Here’s the rough cat hat thing. Hopefully it all works out!

I love doing commission work!

So I got this offer to do a few pieces for a friend of a friend. He wanted a dumb looking cartoony pigeon and a hat for a cat with a unicorn horn. I’m just kind of playing with it right now, but I started out with this drawing.


He wanted a mostly grey pigeon of different shades. We’ll see where it goes from here. I hope I have enough stuffing!