Bazaar Bizarre/New People craft show!

Yesterday morning 7am:
*ZzzzZZZZ Beep zzZZZZzzz Beep zZZZzzZZZZz Beep* The sound of my vibrating cell phone alarm. I grab the phone. It’s seven already? I have to get up to buy sandwiches for the film shoot today… why did I get a phone call from Jenn at midnight and why did she leave me a voicemail? Excitement starts to build as I hold the number one to get to my voicemail messages. “New message… So… Amy… I just wanted to tell you… WE GOT IN THE CRAFT SHOW!!! *muffled sounds of our friend screaming congrats in the background* …” I was so ecstatic that I started literally jumping up and down the bed like a child. Then I feared for the poor bed under my weight and was somewhat frightened that I might break the boards, so I calmed down for a moment.

Soooo… I’m extremely excited to announce that I got into the Bazaar Bizarre/New People craft show! What will I have at the show? I’ll have these mini sculptures you see below (in the previous post), they will be encased in felt cupcakes with little snap-buttons so you can open and close the tops as you please. I’m planning on making 100 little sculptures/cupcakes before the show in less than two weeks. I will paint 80 of them and leave 20 blank, for you artistic types that would like to create your own messages for your loved ones. The show is on February 13th and will run from noon – 8pm. I really hope to see you there! Now… I must sculpt.


Sea Party!

So I’ve started creating these lovely sculpted creatures with intent on painting them. There’s a few painted ones below and I’m still in the process of painting. The plan is to sculpt a whole bunch of weird creatures, and paint the best expressions you’ve ever seen on kitty-costumed cephalopods! 

a jellyfish, perhaps?

a painted octopus ninja. can’t you see him hiding inside a cupcake of felt? Yeah… you can.

ohes noes! exposed!

a giver of love.


Older stuff I’ve made.

A few things I’ve made in the past years that I’ll probably pick up making again… Let’s start from Pinhead my little pony. I made him because my friend said I dare you to try. What came of that dare? Check it out.



That little guy was sold on ebay in 2005, when I created it. Below, you’ll find one I made immediately after that. Mostly I do them on dares and stuff. Alien my little pony was even featured on the blog of Wired.


Near finish. Unfortunately, I can’t find a picture of the final product, so you’ll have to deal with this…


Just some old stuff

I decided to add some stuff that I never added before. My friends recently got married and I helped them make some cute wedding toppers. I’m glad that they loved it. It very much resembles them.

Big view (they’re about 3" tall).

Closeup versions.

And nothing is complete without 1" tall squirrels. Flapper and aviator squirrels. I do customs of these, too.