F is for Featherfin Catfish

The Featherfin Catfish can be found in the African rivers such as the White Nile. They’re bottom-feeders and they’re nicknamed the squeaker because of their ability to “talk” to each other with squeaks. Sounds pretty cute to me! Except that they’re super territorial and they’ll probably eat your face if you’re close to it… or its babies or something. Okay, maybe not since their diet is mostly vegetarian with a few salvaged meaty bits and they’re only like 7 inches long. But the chances are that you won’t run into this noisy fish, since it’s also nocturnal. Looks like everything is in your favor.

I wonder if they’re delicious. Mmmmm catfish…


E is for Emperor Shrimp

The Emperor Shrimp is more like a hitchhiker. It rides on the back of a nudibranch (awww jeah) because it likes to wave at all the little people while moving on its gigantic Macy’s day parade float. *princess wave*

Okay, so it’s not exactly like that. The shrimp rides on the back of a giant sea slug, where it picks and cleans its oh-so-smooth skin from parasites and nasties.

Mommy! Let’s ride on the giant sea slug and get free food while we’re at it! Sounds like a good deal to me.

D is for Dragonfish.

This little badboy is shy and prefers to live in the depths of 1500 meters. Not only is it really creepy and cool-looking, it also has glowing capabilities! Since most of its neighborly fish cannot detect the wavelength of these lights, it gives the Dragonfish great advantage to EAT THEM!

Dragonfish – *shines light* “O. Hai, neighbor! Check out my light. It’s pretty fantastical.”

Little fish – “Say… that’s rather mesmerizing, indeed. I… can’t… stop… staring… oooh, pretty lights…”

Dragonfish – *OHMPH* *gulp* “Delicious.”

C is for Coral Crab

Coral crabs are normally found in… you guessed it, coral! They have a symbiotic relationship with coral – the coral let them reside within their reefy goodness, while the crabs pick and clean the coral, also throwing away stuff that doesn’t belong. I can imagine the conversation that goes on between them.

Coral – “Hey man, you’re steppin on me super-hard with those pointy toes of yours. Watch where you’re going or you can’t live here anymore.”

Crab – “I’m also keeping you alive by cleaning and eating all the crap you have in the nooks and crannies. Whatchoo complaining about? Besides, I’m only like… a cm long, so how heavy can my foot be?”

Coral – “Tru dat. Clean away, my friend.”

B is for Butterfly Fish

The Long-nosed Butterfly fish is found pretty much everywhere. It can be found from the Red Sea and East Africa to the Hawaiian and Easter islands, northern to southern Japan, south to Lord Howe Island and throughout Micronesia. Then it can also be found in southern Baja California, Mexico and from the Revillagigedo and Galapagos Islands. It loves to munch on clams and other delicious things it can stick its nose into.

A is for Arabian Angelfish

I’m doing a series of drawings with underwater creatures and A is for Arabian Angelfish. The Arabian Angelfish is found mainly on protected shoreline reefs with rich growth of hard and soft corals in waters from 3-15 meters deep. It can be found in the Western Indian Ocean from the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, south to Zanzibar and loves to eat sponges. Delicious.