Catching up

I had some passport pictures taken and it’s always a struggle between what you think you look like and the reality.


Then I had a dream where I didn’t feel comfortable with how my teeth were and didn’t smile.


When sitting in a coffee shop and flies are hanging out, I just think of them barfing all over everything they land on and how it’s completely disgusting.


Sometimes I forget how gross it must be for a vegan to date an omnivore… Especially when she adds extra dried shrimp and fish sauce to her salad.


The Musee Mecanique is worth checking out, especially the French execution. #spoileralert


Topics like mochi must be discussed over dinner, but when asked how do I get the consistency right, I just tell them they don’t have the magic.


When I was a kid, my dad would tell me weird stories about work… Like this time a guy in Chinatown randomly asked if he would like to buy a bottle of mice fetus wine. I asked him what it was for and he had no idea.


I just had some lobster sashimi topped with tobiko and I always think of the generations I’m murdering in my mouth and Joe delicious they are with their gentle, salty popping.


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