Dairy doodles of 2015

Every day I’m documenting a drawing diary of interesting events of the day. I decided this was the easiest way for me to draw every day without thinking too hard about what I was going to draw. Hopefully I’ll be able to post every day on here, but if you don’t see it, it’s best to catch me on instagram.


January six. I saw a guy in fidi wearing a suit at Starbucks. He looked pretty nervous and he was shifting papers everywhere. He left a manila envelope full of rolled up papers on the counter and left. Another man walked in and sat down by the papers and hung out with them, guarding them. I wonder what that was about.


January 5. I was working on set design and went into the office pretty hungry. Decided to be bad and had McDonald’s breakfast. Sitting at the drive-thru, I saw movement from the corner of my eyes. There were mice running back and forth! I definitely had mixed feelings about it.


January 4. All the rabbits. I didn’t realize how many bunny things I had!


January 3. Brawl at the mall. Two old guys fought each other but only one landed a punch and gave the other one a black eye.


January 2. Window shopping and glasses shopping. Then watched the interview.


January 1. Happy New Year, everybody!

3 thoughts on “Dairy doodles of 2015

  1. This is a really great entry! I really like the stories behind all these sketches, especially the Starbucks one and the fighting bears. (And I also love bunnies!) It is such a great idea to turn everyday events into a drawing. You have a lot of things happening around you. I am quite stumped these days on what to draw so I have been trying to sketch something everyday even if its little.

    • Thanks, Joslyn! I’ve found that it’s always hardest to figure out what to draw, so I just decided to draw quirky things that happen on the daily so I can come back and remember them better, while also trying to beef up my drawing skills. Since this is going to be a 365 project, I’m hoping to get more skilled over time! Check back, as I’m sure I’ll give some drawings away every month.

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