Scarf-a-day bust!

So clearly a scarf a day was too ambitious with all the stuff I have going on right now. Perhaps next year will be a better year for that. I am, however, practically doing a drawing a day, so that might be a good thing to actually post, if only I could and would scan everything in that I draw, which, of course, never happens. (Okay, Amy. Could you use any more commas in that sentence?)

Today, I’ve decided that instead of showing you stuff that I do, I’m going to show you stuff that I love!

Enchanted Doll by Marina Bychkova

As you can tell, she spends a LOT of time creating these beauties. These dolls are simply stunning, to say the least. If I had a lot of money, I’d love to get my hands on one of these. One day…


Camilla d’Errico

Sweet, innocent and a little tough. Her illustrations and paintings just remind me that innocence can be very alluring. I love the fine details that go with everything. The color schemes, the outfits, the animals. All of it.


Audrey Kawasaki

Can you see the theme I’m going with here? I love the innocent, sexy stuff with a hint of morbidity. Between all of these different artists, you can kind of see where I get my inspiration (even though I don’t really draw people… at all). Audrey’s works are all done on wood and I love how she uses that to give her paintings more depth and texture.


Scott Radke

His sculptures are simply amazing. He first sculpts a really cool blank model, then he paints over them with these creepy and sad expressions. It’s simply marvelous. I can’t get over it!


Peter Callesen

This man is simply brilliant. He takes one large sheet of paper, an xacto, some glue… and this magical thing comes from his hands and imagination. Seriously. One sheet of paper. I can’t even imagine how one would sculpt a whole skeletal structure from a tree trunk and branches. Amazing.


Brandi Milne

I love her usage of thick and thin lines. The color choices are always amazing and fun and the figures are so flowy and pretty. If only I could color as well as she could! (Or color at all with shading and stuff… *jealous*)


Christopher Conte

Christopher Conte takes ordinary, everyday items and transforms them into little creatures that I imagine in Henry Selick films. If only I had the amazing producing powers of Henry Selick and the talent of Christopher Conte, why, with my imagination combined I would have one of the most awesome animations ever. (Okay, probably not, but you can just smile and agree with me for the sake of making me happy.)


And with that, good night and Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you spent a lot of money on your love because if you didn’t, you’re probably in the doghouse. ;^)

2 thoughts on “Scarf-a-day bust!

  1. hello, i met you while working at ann taylor in vacaville and LOVED your scarf, remember? anyway, just wanted to tell you i am really digging your site, loving the posts, & your artwork and dreaming of the day when i have one of your scarves of my very own!

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