February Scarf Giveaway!

This is round two of the scarf giveaway. Get them while they’re hot. Enter for your chance to win a free scarf by mr. deadfish. What do you have to do?

1. Help get the word out about mr. deadfish. How? Any one of these ways:

* Post mr.deadfish.com on your blog/Facebook/Twitter/other social media.

* Follow mrdeadfish on Twitter.

* Like mr.deadfish on Facebook.

* Heart Social Squitten on Etsy.

* Or any other way you’d like to get the word out about mr. deadfish.

2. In the comment box, write what kind of animal you’d like for your scarf as well as how you helped spread the mr. deadfish love to the internets.

3. On the first of every month, I’ll take everybody’s comments, throw them in a magic hat and let the rabbit hop out with your name on it. I’ll let the winner know via social media (via a blog post and Twitter/Facebook feeds), so be sure to look for it on February 1st.

Easy enough, right? You’ve got nothing to lose, so hop on it. Also, to celebrate the year of the rabbit, I’m giving away a free rabbit scarf to the first five purchases of a custom scarf on Etsy. Let the raffle begin!


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