Free scarf giveaway every month!

Enter for your chance to win a free scarf by mr. deadfish. What do you have to do?

1. Help get the word out about mr. deadfish. How? Any one of these ways:

* Post on your blog/Facebook/Twitter/other social media.

* Follow mrdeadfish on Twitter.

* Like mr.deadfish on Facebook.

* Heart Social Squitten on Etsy.

* Or any other way you’d like to get the word out about mr. deadfish.

2. In the comment box, write what kind of animal you’d like for your scarf as well as how you helped spread the mr. deadfish love to the internets.

3. On the first of every month, I’ll take everybody’s comments, throw them in a magic hat and let the rabbit hop out with your name on it. I’ll let the winner know via social media (via a blog post and Twitter/Facebook feeds), so be sure to look for it on February 1st.

Easy enough, right? You’ve got nothing to lose, so hop on it. Also, to celebrate the year of the rabbit, I’m giving away a free rabbit scarf to the first five purchases of a custom scarf on Etsy. Let the raffle begin!


21 thoughts on “Free scarf giveaway every month!

  1. my internet love of mr. deadfish consists of telling 2 fb friends about the scarf give away, hearting social squitten on etsy and liking mr. deadfish on fb. lots of love via the internets!

    animals in no order of preference: narwhal, fox, otter, kitten, giraffe, or seahorse.

    thanks and good luck, me!

  2. Hearted the shop. I don’t see the facebook/twitter accounts here. Could I get all the social links for you? I may post it on my blog too.

    I would love to see an otter, a panda.. a blue point siamese cat with snow shoe paws (yes very specific. I have cat that looks like this). Large cats IE tiger, lion, etc.

  3. holy AWESOME scarves! (-and i consider myself a scarf connoisseur, why? because i have WAY to many as they are my weakness and i can’t LIVE without one of yours!)
    should i be the lucky one chosen out of the hat by the rabbit, i would love any of the following:
    a moose
    a cow
    a monkey
    an alligator
    a cardinal -would that be possible?…
    ooh, and i have sweaters i’d love it made out of too, if that’s cool?
    how have i helped spread the good mr. deadfish word?
    i have hearted your fb page, your etsy shoppe, your twitter and your blog, i’ve fb’d about you and tweeted about you on my sites and will be telling everyone else i know about your awesome scarves.
    and, speaking of people i know, steph of nerd jerk told me about you and she was right, your stuff is awesome! you came highly recommended and rightfully so.
    oh, and my website is to my store, do you do consignment in local stores?! you should check us out and then we can talk!
    thank you, and here’s hoping i win!

    • Hi Briana,

      Thanks so much for entering to win! I’ll get right on a few of those scarves, in case you do win. I’ve been a little behind on scarves, as you can see, but I haven’t done any consignment stores because I haven’t had a whole lot of time to go in and show people my work. I would love to try that angle, if (for nothing else) I can get some of these scarves out of my house! Haha. I’ll check out your site and we’ll keep in touch.


    • I also forgot to mention, YES! If you have old sweaters that you’d love to make into something, I will give you 25-50% off the price, depending on how complicated it is to make. Go Briana!

  4. Your scarves are amazeballs! I hearted you on etsy and am following you on my two twitter accounts and just tweeted about your cute fox scarf and giveaway on both (because one is private and I wanted more ppl to see it so I HAD to do it on my public one too)! I really love him.
    I love otters but I am not sure how I would feel about a dead otter! But they’re adorable regardless, so why not. ALso a dead panda scarf would be funny because pandas are a little overplayed but dead pandas aren’t! ahaha Best of luck to you and your creations!

    • I’ll be sure to put you in the running for the contest. Thank you so much for helping me get the word out. I’ll be creating hand-drawn valentine’s day cards and posters as well. =)

  5. Wish I could come up with all those awesome ideas you seem so full of. I could also be a little more disciplined.

    I follow all your feeds and I have linked to your website from mine. I suppose I should tweet or blog about you though…

    I think I would prefer a black kitty cat although it seems you don’t have any up on etsy at the moment, so if you don’t have any cats perhaps a fox.

  6. I like mr. Dead fish on fb and shared the fb site. 🙂 love allyou do Amy! miss those movies in the park outings,! Animal can be an Olm ❤

  7. Hi Amy,

    Got your business card from Noel. She was wearing a scarf you made for her and I really thought it was adorable. I’m not looking into entering the contest, but was wanting to buy a scarf. Noel said you can pretty much make any animal. I am interested in a cat one. II would really love to hear back from you on what the cost would be. I understand your busy, but look forward in hearing from you ;o)

  8. I would LOVE a fox scarf and the giraffe!!! I liked you on facebook, and showed everyone the pictures of your scarfs! They loved them!!! I would LOVE to win, and if I won that scarf I would wear it all the time (even in the summer!) I would also tell EVERYONE where I got it! PLEASE! Ps. Your Toy Box on Craft Wars was awesome! U should have won! 🙂

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