Bazaar Bizarre

The day has finally come! Here are the last few of the scarves you should expect to see (without the money in the pockets):

2 thoughts on “Bazaar Bizarre

  1. I could not find you at Bazaar Bizarre today (12/10/10)! Love your work, will you be there tomorrow? Or how can I connect with you to buy a piece?

    • Hi Marcia,

      You can definitely contact me directly, but I will be at the Bazaar Bizarre today. I’m in booth number 38, all the way in the back and hook left if you come from the entrance. My scarves look kind of like puppets (as people that walked by thought), I guess from the way I placed them. =) But you can email me directly at amy at mrdeadfish dot com, if you don’t want to head back out there today. I’d suggest you come out and find me, so you can see and feel what these scarves look like in real life.

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