Scarf city!

I guess sewing scarves by hand would be a lot easier if I used some sort of pattern. The problem that I have with doing something like that is I don’t get to figure out how to create something. I love making one of a kind products because, well, I really like creating. I almost hate making the same thing twice. What’s creative about that? The unfortunate thing is that it takes anywhere between 6-10 hours to create each of these, so it’s just pretty time-consuming. I can’t say that I don’t love doing this, though. It certainly makes me happy. There are many sweaters scattered about my bed, acrylics, wools, cashmeres and various other fabrics that are so soft and warm it makes me want to just lay in it all day and nap.

I’m a scarf-making machine. With Bazaar Bizarre less than a month away, I’m starting to freak out about whether or not I’ll get everything done in time. Not only do I have to think about creating the scarves, but I have to create a cute display to showcase everything. My ideas for these are just all over the board. I have yet to make business cards, labels for the scarves and a bunch of other stuff. Freaking out? Yeah, just a little.

I did, however, create an alligator scarf that I almost can’t sell because I love it so much! Here’s a few pictures just for you!

Yes, the tongue is a heart!


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