It’s just fine!

Started thinking of this idea about a little girl testing the waters, while an octopus is testing the lands. I’m not sure if it came through, though…


3 thoughts on “It’s just fine!

  1. I don’t think it’s very clear what they’re stepping on or from. The water should be blue and the sand should look a bit more like sand, right now it’s a bit of a gray blob. Also the octopus could be clearer, perhaps if it were a red, or some color that wasn’t so close to the color of the water.

    I say these things because it is really good and I want to see it finished and more awesome!

  2. I customize my little ponies the new g3.5 models mostly and was wondering how you put pinheads pins in his head? I’m stuck on my pony I’ve done Freddy and other horror people I need pinhead thanks for your help

    • I just use a straight silver pin (like the ones for jewelry) and I bend them into an L shape. The pins still move in, but they don’t come out. It makes transporting them really easy. I hope this helps!

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