Bazaar Bizarre

My friend and I finally got around to taking pictures for the Bazaar Bizarre. We got everything together, took pictures, and applied. I hope we get in, but it’s understandable if we don’t. There’s a lot of talented people that put their stuff up. Well, I started getting into animals with hats and kitties with weapons. I was about to take pictures of this kitty with an RPG, but Mitch took it to his work office already. Boo! Oh well, I have this super craptastic version of it, which you’ll have to see past the webcam pixelness and see it for the crazy felt work it is. As you all know, my stuff is completely customizable and I’ll probably post this stuff on my Etsy account.

The felt hair clips you see here are actually on cards, so you can give away a clip and a blank card. You can write whatever you’d like to include and they can have something they can use once they’re done with the card. I think it’s a great two-for-one deal.


Half of these are Chelsea’s rings. The goofy ones in the back are mine.

Here is where the felt card/hair pins come in.

For all you nerdy girls.

For girls that love headbands instead.

Closeup of rings.



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