Renegade Craft Fair

So I went to the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend. My gosh I bought so much stuff. I went back today because I didn’t buy some stuff yesterday and I thought, "Oh man, I’m going to kick myself for not buying that xyz thing…", so I got a few things today. (If these images are yours and you want them taken off my blog, please let me know. Thanks!)

Nest necklace. I saw it and thought it was so pretty, but all the ones she had were on metal wires,
which I can’t wear because I have a metal allergy. Today, I asked if Erika had any free ones and she
was so sweet, she ran back to the car to grab a box of them for me to pick through! <3! They are simply GORGEOUS.
Go out and buy one. 1. you won’t regret it, 2. she’s so awesome and darling!
Erika Island

I didn’t catch their names, but I had to come back for the fox. I got a squirrel, too,
which isn’t featured on their site. I love the smooth, porcelain texture.

I got this wonderful ham pin as well as a sheep pin from Me Hoi. She’s a great girl and really funny.
I felt like I was talking to family just hanging out at her booth and chatting.

I bought this card a while back at Wishbone on 7th and Irving and when I went to the fair,
from a side glance, I noticed this card and did one of those… walk forward, slowly eyeball,
turn head, then turn the whole body sideways and stopped. When I saw this, I had to meet
the amazing girl that could think this stuff up. I just loved all the ideas of her cards. I bought
one that was titled "I Don’t Know Anything About Other Countries" and I had to get it. How
could I not? It was so informative! Anyway, we chatted about all sorts of stuff and I came down
to the conclusion that she was awesome and you must buy cards from her. You simply must.


And here are some other links to cool stuff I found. I figured since I liked them, you might as well enjoy them, too!
Skeletal Dropkick – she makes pottery in cute skeleton heads.
Super Buzzy – Import fabrics. Lots of SUPER CUTE fabrics from Japan! Watch out crafty Japanophiles!
Dandy Lion Press – very cool paper prints that she does herself!
Tug Boat Print Shop – They etch stuff on wood, then ink and print! Awesomeness.
Mary Beth – cute woodland creatures on wood – kinda like fake taxidermy.

Enjoy linky linky!


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