Sewing with Felt

The past few days I’ve been on a sewing rampage. I gathered my felt and started sewing. I wanted to make cephalopods of all kinds. I started with a test octopus, which is more like a septopus. As I was sewing him, I lost one of his arms to a shark. It happens often in the wild and normally, it would grow back, but since felt and cotton aren’t generative once in their final state, he’s going to remain a septopus. All of my cephalopods come with a heart made for them.

Junior really loves to play. With this sleepy, loving eyes and heart-hugging ways, he’ll be your friend forever.

I decided that I really wanted to make another octopus since I was getting the hang of it. This time, I wanted to make it pretty large. Junior there stands about 3 inches tall, but if you include his legs, he can reach up to 7 inches tall. Since Inky grew up to be big and strong, he still has all eight limbs and stands about 5 inches tall. If you spook him, however, he’ll reach a whopping 13 inches. Though he’s very passive and doesn’t let things bother him, I’d stay on his good side, just in case.

Inky’s really sweet once you get to know him, but he might come off as a bit snooty.

After making Inky, I really wanted to challenge myself. I never start with a pattern, so most of my ideas come from researching the animal. I really love cephalopods, so I decided to make a nautilus–the most interesting of all cephalopods. They look so prehistoric and odd that I can’t help but to be interested in them. I really had no idea how I’d start, so I decided to cut two comma-like shapes for the shell and a long strip for the top to try to round it out. Anyway, long story short, I came up with Stephanie.


Stephanie, like my other creatures, comes with a little heart. She loves to eat.

And I was so excited about my first one, I had to make another. This time, I decided to go with some darker colors and I’d say that she came out fairly well. Both of these creatures are about 4" tall and about 7 inches long. They have a base of felt with some patchwork cotton quilt squares cut up into little shreds.

Suzanna doesn’t like to eat as much as she likes to play. She always hides in the deep ocean to try to scare her sister, Stephanie.
Stephanie hates it.

All of my creatures are for sale on If you have any specific requests of color, shape or size, I’d be happy to work with you.

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