Part 10

I’m on my last stretch as Thursday draws near. It’s 4:15am and I just finished painting my tabletop and making the stethoscope and makeshift knife. I have much troubles with Miette’s head as her head always slides off the wire. After every scene, I have to re-attach her head. It’s a painstaking process and All I’m hoping for is that her head doesn’t snap off on this last shot. There will be no way for me to recover it if it does. This is pretty much how I’ve been feeling lately… zombie-esque. Hopefully she’ll be all dry and ready to go by tomorrow afternoon.

Tonight, Mitch helped me take my whole park scene apart and we were in the backyard scrubbing flocking from the set at 9pm. It was super-cold out by that time. The turf didn’t take as long as I thought it would to come off and I was thinking about placing carpet in the place of the turf, but I’m not sure if that’s now very necessary at all. I almost wished I kept the turf on in case I needed to re-shoot anything.

Yesterday I bought that wood to put the table together and last night was a bit hellish with the table thing because 1. my screws were far too long, 2. the holes I was drilling for the screws were too short, but I couldn’t drill any further 3. drilling things without proper tools and stuff can prove to be really, really difficult. I can’t wait to have a studio to work on this stuff. After a while of tooling around, I got the legs to stand. I grabbed some paint from my random “stuff” box and painted it this pinkish color.

I think this is a poor representation of the table coloring. No matter, it’s completed.

I’ve fashioned a stethoscope using armature wire (for great versatility in animating and bending) and magicsculpt, which I’ll paint later to make it look more stethy. It’s really a shame I didn’t get pictures of us tearing down the set. The winds were high and the turf was everywhere. I’ll have to say that Mitch was a trooper. Turf in eye != fun. Seriously.

This is exactly what my life feels like right now… disconnected.

I consulted my final scene with Nathan and we went through so many things. I’m glad I have very cinematic friends. Tomorrow will be my true test, since I have to drive down to Santa Clara to give Dave his light set back for a few hours… only when I can get back into the city will I be able to start shooting. I’ll need to have everything ready so that this will be smooth sailing. I’d like to get some sleep tomorrow night, though there are a bunch of rather tricky shots I’ll need to go through with this one. Wish me luck!


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