Part 8

Slowly, but surely, the pieces are coming together. There’s going to be a lot of sleepless nights, this being one of them. My vocabulary is dropping, but my persistence to finish is on the rise. I’ve got a few days to complete at least the picture portion of the film. I’ll be up bright and early to finish the park scenes then start on the last scene, which is actually a scene somewhat in the middle. No matter, I have to tear everything down and rebuild. Nadira’s going to help me with the process. Thank goodness she’s off the next few days.

Newspaper trees for my recycled forest.

So a few days ago, I was sitting on the bus, fashioning my dead bird puppet. I take out the huge coil of wire I have from my purse and start bending and twisting it to form this bird. I start stuffing it with green foam to bulk it out and I take pieces of felt and start hacking away at corners to make a shape of a bird (sort of).

Wire Armature for Crow

Wire Armature and bulking out for cardinal (I know it doesn’t look like much now!)

Here’s where the “winging it” part comes in. I cut a rectangular piece of felt out and cut two slits for the wings to go through.

Now it’s starting to look more bird-like with the bulking and the hood.

Oh ye of little faith. Voila! My bird! I even painted the little feetsies.

Oh photobooth, how I love you and your timed goodness. However will I get shots such as this without you?


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