Part 6

There isn’t much of an update, but I’ll go over everything that’s new. I went to Joann’s to get some more fabric for potential sunsets/skies/wallpaper. It was nice out the past few days, so I decided to work outside. I was trying to figure out how to put the bench together. First I measured how big I wanted the bench to be and how I wanted it to look… though I guess that’s really not too hard since it’s just a bench. So more unsafe sawing practices, since I just don’t have a proper place to work. My sister’s friend, Patrick also helped me with the sawing of the bench stuff. I think because he felt bad I was moving so slowly, but it was really hot that morning and oh man, I was not a happy Amy.

Instead, I walked myself to the local Ace Hardware store and tried to figure out what I was going to use to hold the bench together.  I knew I needed screws and bolts. I wanted to have a look of raised screws, so I got the ones that were rounded at the tops and asked the guy over the counter what would work well. He tried to inform me of those little L guys, but I told him that I wanted the back part of the bench to not go flush with the seat. He then showed me these pipe holder things. I have no idea what they’re called, but they hold a pipe in place and looks sort of like a Ω shape. So I’m in the front of the house with all my stuff, trying to bend one end of this sucker straight to put under the bench. I asked Peter to come over to give me the charger to his drill (since the battery was going rather low and slow) and he helped me bend out the metal. I felt like such a weakling. Dang so weak.

He’s clearly stronger than I am.

That’s the kinda shape it took me forever to form and him ten seconds to create. I really need to work out s’more.

So I drilled some holes in the bench and just put the screws in, screwed in the nuts and painted it white. I was thinking either white or green, but I thought green might blend too much with the ground and whatnot, so I wanted the white. I should probably dirty it up or something to make it look “aged”. Here’s a few pictures of the bench. That’s all I’ve got in me to post. Pictures of the bird will come soon, as well as the whole park bench (with legs on the set).


Bottom. See what a great job that bending was? Crapdonkey it took me forever to do that. Thanks Peter!

And I asked Nadira to help me take pictures of the sunset from her window. I needed some reference shots for mine.

I bought some orange fabric for a sunset, but now that I’m looking at this, I should have got a pinker sky and just colored it orange. We’ll see how it goes. I’m still unsure how I’m going to have the sun come from the back. Oh the details I’m afraid of dealing with. We’ll see what happens as it happens. Back to work. I really love this. If it weren’t for the crazy-close deadline, this would possibly be much more awesome. I already have some ideas for some cool projects after school. I’ll keep you guys updated on anything and feedback is always welcome.

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