Part 5

The filming started Monday, but really ended on Wednesday. I’ve found a lot of technical problems with my current setup and didn’t realize how difficult this was going to end. First, the three point lighting took several hours to set up. At first it was too blue, then too red, then all these other colors that didn’t match what I was going for. I wanted a sunset that looked convincing enough. I used several filters to get the colors I wanted and left the sky blue because… well, when sunsets are in front of you, the sky behind you is still blue. It worked out in the long run. Monday was full of lighting tests with the camera. Whilst animating, it’s much better to work alone for me because of the completely cramped up style I have to work. You can see the picture below that I don’t have much room to move around… yes, that is a bed frame you see the light set in. I had to move the mattress to the hallway and kick my poor sister out of her room. What a trooper for the love of animation!

The problems I came across whilst animating:
     1. Make sure the camera battery is fully charged–I only had one battery to shoot. Luckily, the battery has a very long lifespan.
     2. Check each shot for clarity–the viewfinder/playback mode is rather small, so I had to upload all pictures to the computer so the pictures aren’t fuzzy.
     3. Get plenty of rest before doing this stuff. It’s really not good for your back, eyes, nor sanity.

Tuesday I start animating with this tree in the foreground. I thought it would make it more interesting for different depths of field, but I couldn’t be any more wrong about the whole bit. I animated about 5 seconds of it, played it back on my computer and realized how poppy the animation seemed because of it. The tree was far too distracting for anyone to have been able to concentrate on what she was doing and her quirks. Clearly, I was wrong about the visual aspect.

The final animating comes on Wednesday. I’m not sure how I felt about the animation, but I got a lot of tips from Martha (my teacher) that made me feel tons better. I added a few cutaway/closeup shots that made the biggest difference in the world. We’ll see how it plays out in the end. Overall, I’m satisfied with the way my shots are looking visually. I think Miette is completely darling!


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