Part 2

I really need to post more often than once a month. Anyway, I’ve finished the doll, I’ve built part of my graveyard set. Luckily, I’ve had some help in that department all thanks to Eric (a previous animation student). As you can see, I decided to leave out the hoodie and made an overcoat instead.

The doll is made of armature wire, felt, foam, super sculpey, doll eyes, eyelashes, fabric, magic sculpt and a lot of love.

I sculpted the head out of pure super sculpey and black sculpey III. Her lips and cheeks were rouged with pink blush makeup. I’m sure I could have used paint or something along the lines, but I really don’t know anything about painting and when I tried doing anything with painting her face, it came out frightening. I’ll leave it to the pros.

Her eyes came from Kemper Dolls and they’re the all natural round plastic eyes, in which they have various different colors and sizes. Make sure you know the size you’d like for your puppet. The unfortunate part about getting doll eyes from here is that they have this little nub in the back, which you have to take a dremel to cut it short, then sand it off smooth. The eyes aren’t perfectly round, mind you, so you must make sure that the eye sockets are big enough to move the eye if you have eye movement.

Her frame is made of aluminum wire with Magic Sculpt around the torso and hips, arms and legs, dried to harden. I sculpted her fingers and magic sculpted them to her arms and started to sew the underwear (made of cotton) and tutu (of tulle) on her permanently. Her gingham skirt was also sewn on top of the tutu and undies, which is also just your average cotton fabric. I started to sew her felted jacket on top of her, but her body looked really hunched and dented, so I added some green foam padding under the jacket to her body to give her some depth.

I made her a scarf out of felt with a little whale on it. Inside is a piece of mesh wiring so I can pose it to make it look like it’s blowing in the wind, if needed. Though I managed to lose her pigtails somewhere, so I’ll have to remake those.


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