The Impossible Friendship

So a long time ago, I had an idea of the impossible friendship between a wombat and an octopus. Clearly impossible because of land and sea. Anyway, I started drawing them again for my friend at work. She’s decided to take pictures of them and post them on flickr. I’m just gonna show you the pictures here! They were taken with a camera phone, but I will replace them with scans when available.



L is for Lamprey

Welcome back, Amy! Woooo! It’s been very hectic lately. Anyway, L is for Lamprey.

“Okay honey, it’s bedtime!”

“I want a story!”

“Once upon a time there was a sad little lamprey that wanted nothing more than to have friends. This proved to be very difficult for him because every time he got close to someone, he would start sucking their blood! Friends would throw fits, cry or even pull him off them and hurl him! Little lamprey was not too happy about this. He didn’t know what to do. He slithered off and cried to himself. One day, he saw a group of lampreys sucking the life out of a poor baby fish. He screamed at them to leave the fish alone. He swam and headbutted these other lampreys, trying to free the fish. The lampreys got really annoyed and swam away, leaving the poor fish almost completely drained. The fish thanked the lamprey and told him that he was a magical fish and would grant him any wish he wanted. The lamprey thought really hard and said that all he wanted was a friend that wouldn’t run away. The fish said that his wish was granted and he would soon have a mate to accompany him. Sure enough, a little lady lamprey came into his life and they swam off happily into the sunset, sucking blood from other little creatures as they went. Moral of the story? There is none. Go to sleep!”

(Yeah, this is the mom I’m gonna be in some later part of my life.)

K is for Koi

Which came first? The Koi or the goldfish? Actually, the goldfish was bred out of the Prussian carp over a thousand years ago in China. Unfortunately, since man has bred them to be beautiful and colorful, they make easy ohm nom noms for herons, raccoons and other animals.

It’s like, “Hey! look at me! C’mon, eat me! I don’t even contain poison and I’m delicious. How can you say no?”

“You’re right, I can’t say no.” *Gulp*

And those are the last words you’d hear from a Koi.